среда, 30 мая 2012 г.

Product Tandberg for video downloads on iTunes U

The company Tandberg (. www. tandbergrussia. ru. ) Has released a new version of Content Server, which allows you to share video content through iTunes U service to Apple, and provides application integration with Podcast Producer. Now, any user of the appropriate standard videoconferencing system can record information (eg, educational lecture or seminar training) and convert the record into a format compatible with iTunes, to automatically download to iTunes U, which instantly makes the content available for viewing and sharing. In addition, the Tandberg Content Server, users can easily share videos directly from the library conference.

пятница, 25 мая 2012 г.

Is it cheaper software solutions for video conferencing?

Video link and the video port: suits us ' normal ' computer, which you do not have. ! ', Where he actively criticized the producers of software solutions videoconferencing, because they were ' fooled ' their customers.
The main thing is that the accused was charged - computers that are claimed their conference in HD quality are not a conventional office typewriters. There is a certain cunning. Because it explicitly states it is not, but the impression created is this: ' We kkonferentsii quality to HD. We work on computers with processors from 1.6 GHz ...
The reproach is just, in general. In good price in the low-cost software solutions (with license $ 30-50 per seat ) now need to lay still and serious upgrade a PC. That is another $ 300-400.
Well, to be quite accurate, for each computer still need a normal. HD webcam. And it's not a lot is not small - about 5,000 rubles.
Thus, upon closer inspection, the real price of soft- introduction of video conferencing has grown. 10 times.
This is where you begin to understand that the hardware solution ( group and personal videoconferencing terminals ) is still too early to write off the dustbin of history.

Lady Gaga - Telephone

If you have a slow internet just click on the playback will wait until the first frame and press pause for 1-2 minutes to the film loaded in the cache, and faster than the playback and press play again. or for faster navigation through the Internet and video in the cache zagruski install the new version. Mozilla Firefox. Please advise if you notice that the film is removed, the link is not working, blocked. just leave a comment under the material. Thank you! .