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Clients: Moscow and the provinces, who is better?

At the regional budget of the client is much less and much less knowledge. Having been to dozens of seminars, I can say with confidence that the level of the client in advance in the regions - an extremely low. What can I say, it is low even among the majority of employees web studios that offer a promotion or placement on some of their portals. Since I have a diversified company, I often play the role of the contact person for the travel agency or car rental, when we try to vparit another panacea for search engines.

Total have budgets of between 3 and 10 thousand. rubles, for which you regularly fuck the brains. One of my clients call every week with a wild howl. However, he had 25 requests, the site at the old URL govnodzhumle with horse and monstrous navigation. Therefore, the stability, even after a year there is no - today is the first, tomorrow the fifth, seventh day after tomorrow, next week - the second. Provide more, I can not, and frankly, I do not want - there is not enough free capacity for the money.

What is easier to work with regional demands. All the salt in the work mostly with regional demands. Often they are quite easy to output to the top. There are exceptions, but generally the result can be achieved with little bloodshed. Sometimes, even when the cost of such a low payment may be only 10-20% of the total bill. In the case of problem customers or strong resistance to the search engines costs jump to 50 % of the total bill, but usually within two to three months can bring them back to the usual 25-30%.

The second advantage - the fact that there is a ceiling on the cost of such clients. Above a certain strip of money simply is not needed. Therefore, it is easy to determine the pricing policy. The third advantage - the relative ease of separation. To survive, we must have a lot of customers, and if someone leaves - on the company's operations are not affected. In general, if the client does not like something - let him go his own way. Never no one tried to keep.

But the big plus - for clients such well- drilled in the work on complex queries. Some would say that this training is due to the client - it is not. Just working with a large number of clients in various industries, you get rich statistics, which will never gather on five to seven regular clients. So, where part of the SEO gets tough specialization, work with the Regionals makes you a versatile, capable of good-quality level of work with any queries and at the federal level.

From Moscow I have a strange relationship, because I am not looking for clients to promote and nowhere does not advertise its services - clients are my own. The first two clients - working with them did not work for various reasons. And probably, I just was not ready then to work properly with federal requests. Two recent clients have come this year - both on the recommendation, and the second recommended first.

Moscow is not squeezed by costs - the numbers do not scare them, although the numbers of serious and they dismiss. Moscow tempted more in terms of SEO, as a rule, each of the companies went through not just one or two prodvizhentsev. The knowledge level - different. There are also more friendly, there are quite distant from the network. Moscow is much more focused on business results than in the top position - Regionals think more about the positions in the top, even if requests are known incorruptibility. Moscow less conservative in terms of changes in the semantic core. And in the end they are easier to pay. Although sometimes they have to podolbit the tambourine to get their money.

There is one important difference from the Moscow regional customers. Moscow wants to get a particular result, and your level not particularly interest them, if this result is. Regional look at you as a god who will sell them - and sometimes it's too heavy burden, although there has its charms like punching his vision of how best to.

You can work with those with other. Time to 5 regional customers spent as much as 1 in Moscow, if we exclude the documentary component, which can also be simplified. For the money - the ratio is almost the same and sometimes even 1-on -3 ( start saving on man-hours!). A mozgoepstvo from regional customers of the lost nerve leveled at the races in the crescent of the federal.

This is a picture of the average. It is clear that every client is different, and I also have enough tales about that, as he wrote in his pants with joy client who has received from the customer site. As well as stories about srachek congregate in an position. But it's stories, but the overall picture says that there is no particular difference. The only problem is that when the number of customers rose past a dozen, and I control the position for more than thirty sites - in my head is going a complete nightmare. There is already high time to think about automation. But that's another story.

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