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Is it cheaper software solutions for video conferencing?

Video link and the video port: suits us ' normal ' computer, which you do not have. ! ', Where he actively criticized the producers of software solutions videoconferencing, because they were ' fooled ' their customers.
The main thing is that the accused was charged - computers that are claimed their conference in HD quality are not a conventional office typewriters. There is a certain cunning. Because it explicitly states it is not, but the impression created is this: ' We kkonferentsii quality to HD. We work on computers with processors from 1.6 GHz ...
The reproach is just, in general. In good price in the low-cost software solutions (with license $ 30-50 per seat ) now need to lay still and serious upgrade a PC. That is another $ 300-400.
Well, to be quite accurate, for each computer still need a normal. HD webcam. And it's not a lot is not small - about 5,000 rubles.
Thus, upon closer inspection, the real price of soft- introduction of video conferencing has grown. 10 times.
This is where you begin to understand that the hardware solution ( group and personal videoconferencing terminals ) is still too early to write off the dustbin of history.

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