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Secrets of the Ming Court

Alexander Lukashenko. Moscow has used. Even the latest scandal off in Belarus, the Russian media did not surprise anyone - it digested as another pridur Farther. But according to rumors, the Kremlin seriously thinking: ... However, in most of Belarus to get used to it flourishes in any way can not. But after his return from Moscow, Lukashenko, where the talks with Putin in fact failed, the president of his house did not know. How so? . It is said that the Belarusian radicals, even at a loss: can we and our Old Man does not know.

If we are in Belarus, people say they do not know their president, then what about us, the Russians. And by the way,. Alexander G. as ... That of the whole squad enough meticulous biographer.
The President and his trails.

During the short life under the first President of Belarus has managed to surprise the world with many positions, if not be ahead of the rest.

The president's desire to control everything personally, and to delve into all the very anecdote spawned. A visiting Russian journalist led to an interview with Lukashenko. G. is sitting at a table with a telephone receiver in his hands and repeats monotonously: ... Most of. A small. Great... ...

- What is it you, Alexander G., doing on the phone? .

- Can you imagine the kind of people got that potatoes do not I can not go through!.

For such subjects, revealing the inimitable originality of the Belarusian leader, and this may include action. Alexander Lukashenko has personally read out at one time on TV theme essay for school leavers, in order to ...

Later, however, someone suggested the head of state, saying that this thing is not royal. But now the whole examination process on behalf of the president was under the hood of state control, which annually brings together a great ...

And here's another story. Understanding the influence of the church in the congregation, Alexander G. made ​​it a rule to go to church on Easter, and the national television on a mandatory basis is broadcast live. All would be nothing, but that's just no one has explained the young president, how and what to say and do in church.

That's why it happened that at the cry of the Metropolitan, ... It remains only to add ... The whole country is prilnuvshaya to TV once again began to wonder what was it?.

Perhaps after this original communion with God, the head of state, and, possibly, just like that, but people born in another anecdote, which then has adopted the fashionable Maxim Galkin. Incidentally, he was not afraid to say it on stage during his speech in Minsk.

God calls the leaders of his United States, Russia and Belarus, and says: ... Upon returning Bush tells Congress that he had two pieces of news - good and bad. Good - he had gone to God, the bad - a year end of the world.

Putin arrives in parliament with two bad news: the first - God is still there, the second - will soon end of the world.

Alexander G. returned with good news. ...

One local therapist for several years collecting quotes Lukashenko, then to break a medical opinion on the subject of mental health of Alexander G..

In his collection of Lukashenka's ...

Or: ... Just wanted to ask, ...

But most of all has got to NATO: ... Just imagine for a moment, what pictures at this moment drew in his head, he!.

In Lukashenka's all right with a sense of humor. And because he was not alien to any kind of funny, ... For example, he likes to mass events. Number one in this list is the favorite of his creations - ...

Event is held annually in February. On skis to get everything - from the Alexander Lukashenko to the last Minister. If the owner does not notice the cold flushed face - you risk losing the post. But on the other hand, what if a child was fond of chess? .

And yet somehow share was declared, when the court poured streams, and snow had to be imported from the Russian forests. Thank God, the last time the race goes without victims.

But a few years ago, the Minister of Sport, tying the laces on the ski boots Lukashenko, so deeply moved that he was having a heart attack took the ... Sport for a long time in this event is not important, but because wits renamed ...
The president and his women.

Many of the antics of the Belarusian president makes the world go round eyes. But there is an area of life where he is not original. This - his personal life. Like any normal guy, Lukashenko in this issue shows a healthy free-thinking person who is not alien to any kind of ... The scheme of all men the same - work, family, children, mistress... The president also like all other people. The legitimate wife of Alexander G., Galina Radzivonauna Lukashenko - the most common female. Kind, sympathetic, industrious, but perhaps most importantly its quality - patience. It is these women at the time of the fetus and replicate the Soviet system.

When her lawful spouse won the presidential election, the recognition did not come to a simple village nursery governess Halina Lukashenka. She was not destined to become the First Lady.

Alexander G. family from Shklovsky district in Minsk did not carry. The reasons for such a ...

Galina and stayed in the village. One, because two of his offspring, and Dima Vitya Lukashenko in Minsk took his father. The men moved into the residence, the wife was there no place.

But the love story began Galina and Sasha is much more romantic. They attended the same school in the village Ryzhkovichi. When Sasha looked after, he loved to give flowers, but in moments of love, it is often pierced by poetry, and for a long time he could read her own poetry, and when his words came to an end, sought the help of Sergei Esenin.

For the past eight years, the family lived separately Lukashenko. He - in Minsk at his residence, and she - in Ryzhkovichah in a brick house with double glazing and a huge fence around the.

Fence it with a bell and loudspeaker built by order of Lukashenka's not by accident - to protect the ... In Minsk visited by the president's wife is very rarely, usually when it is necessary to improve health clinic in the presidential. Two years ago she joined a new job in Shklou District Office of Education, which is responsible for sending children to healthy.

Such a cold relationship with his wife could not remain unnoticed, but because the capital has long been rumored that supposedly Alexander G. Galina secretly brought to Minsk and has issued an official divorce.

Even if it's just a rumor, the soil beneath a. From that moment, as Lukashenko, while still a deputy, he moved from his farm ... She is always accompanied by Alexander G. - and foreign trips, and receptions, and even during the ski race. Media speculated. So once Lukashenka has decided to explain and said that Irina - his personal doctor, but because all of them.

The years went by, Irina of unremarkable appearance brunette has a bright and stylish blonde, she had a baby. Evil tongues even at one time a rumor spread that the boy - the son of a famous father... But confirmation of this fact and have not found.

Irina Abelskaya actively helped Lukashenko during his presidential campaign, and after the victory of Dr. G. rewarded by the fact that the president appointed her chief doctor of the clinic, which treated the individual and the well-known Belarusian officials have long. Now the ...

By the way, over the past eight years as president Lukashenko attributed to more than one affair. For example, at one time the president's administration, for no apparent reason took over the patronage of the Belarusian singer Irina Dorofeeva.

Under the brand name of the presidential administration have done nothing for the extraordinary canary public concerts, turn it on national television. It seemed so strange to the rumor that there is such a warm relationship explained the president and the singer of intimate relationship.

Another ... Many remember her after she sang a duet with Leo Leshchenko. The young lady is beautiful, but because no one rumor was not surprised - who can still get all the most beautiful girl of the country, if not the first guy in the village? .

In recent years, talk on the topic, who now occupies the heart of the president, became interested. One of their own rumors died down, and Lukashenko has ceased to give a reason to talk about it. But have a reason to recall the president's mother.

Interest in it arose after a beautiful location at the entrance to the presidential residence in Drazdy for a short time has grown a nice house. Passing by in their cars are often seen in Minsk residents now an elderly woman was standing on the porch for a long time or doing something in the garden.

Later on in the city appeared that Alexander G. moved to Minsk his mother - Catherine Trofimovna.

The area houses more than 300 square. m. Combining Plus, sauna room management, switchboard, pantry, bathroom, basement. But that's not all. Documentation, to the house adjacent to the room for a cow - 12.90 square meters. m, a room for the birds, and in the courtyard, adorned with decorative stones and a walking area for all of the same bird.

It is said that Catherine suffers Trofimovna new, but still the town house and asks back to his native village....
The President and his secrets.

Like any mortal, Alexander G. has a major mystery. This is the story of its origin.

Theme of fatherhood - the most unpleasant for Lukashenka. There are several versions of who gave life first President of the Republic.

Alexander Shcherbakov, neighbor and former ally of Alexander G., told local press that leans to the ... He seemed to have heard from grandmothers, not far from the home of Catherine Lukashenko was a smithy gypsy Ryhor. Next - it is clear.

Another version is less romantic. Supposedly, while working on the Orsha Flax lentochnitsey, Catherine Trofimovna met with a married (for some reason in the current interpretation of the one-eyed ) man who was engaged in that drove the cart to tow the same company. He was a Jew, and his name was Hirsch.

However, the local midwife Mary Kulpinova, which took birth in the president's mother, said that records of birth 50s in Kopysskom FAPe disappeared when the Soviet Union has.

But she had heard, as if the father is still Lukashenko Belarusian worked somewhere in the forest area and was a ... In fairness, we note that he Lukashenka also claims that he is a thoroughbred Belarusian.

And by the way, very soon - August 30 - will celebrate its 48th anniversary.
From the files of ...

Alexander G. Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus. He was born August 30, 1954 in the village of Alexandria Shklovsky district, Mogilev region into a peasant family, the Byelorussian.

In 1975 he graduated from the history department of the Mogilev Pedagogical Institute, and later, in absentia - Faculty of Economics of the Belarusian Agricultural Academy, organizer of agricultural production. He was a member of the Communist Party from 1979 to August 1991. Currently, non-partisan.

In 1975 - the secretary of the Komsomol School № 1. Shklov. In the years 1975-1977 - instructor of the political department of the military unit in Brest. In 1977 - the secretary of the Komsomol committee of Mogilev gorpischetorga. In the years 1977-1978 - instructor of the October Executive Committee. In the years 1978-1980 - Executive Secretary Shklou district organization of society ... In 1980-1982 - deputy commander of a tank company commander for political affairs in a military unit in the Mogilev region. In the years 1982-1983 - the deputy chairman of the kolkhoz ... In 1983-1985 - Deputy Director of Shklovsky combine of building materials. In 1985-1987 - Secretary of Party Committee of the Lenin Collective Farm Shklovsky district. From 1987 to July 1994 - Director of the State Farm ...

Since 1990 - Member of the Supreme Soviet of Belarus from Shklovsky constituency. He was a leader existed between May and August 1991 the faction ... From June 1993 - Chairman of the Interim Committee of the Supreme Council for the Fight against Corruption.

Ran for the 1994 Belarusian presidential candidate as an independent. In the first round of elections won 45.1% of the vote, more than twice ahead of nearest rival - Prime Minister of Belarus in. Kebich (17 %) in the second round - 80.1 % of the vote (in Kebich - 14.2 %) and was elected president of Belarus.

The rank of Major -.

Hobbies: football.

Married, two sons.


The Americans have sold restricted to leave the presidential jet Lukashenko.
Exclusive for $ 100 million.

Politics politics and money out of the competition. Against the background of scandals that have struck in ... For several weeks in the hangar of the presidential fleet is a pretty new ... The fact that the guardian of the Union State, Alexander Lukashenko, Russia is ready to change the ... By this time almost ready to ship was supposed to go for interior decoration in one European country. Prior to that, three years of Lukashenka's administration successfully managed to conceal a deal with U.S. company.

But all is not struck by the fact of acquiring ... Spetssalon presidential airliner is distinguished luxurious interior that includes comfortable sofas, an exercise room, bedroom, shower room, shadow-free lighting and lots of other bells and whistles. The furniture is made from expensive and rare woods. In addition, the plane is different high-security: full insulation, equipment tracking aerial targets, special communication, special air conditioning. The cost of a new presidential airliner carefully concealed, but experts have already calculated the amount based on the cost of conventional base model ... USD. A new, even with the twists liner is not less than 100 million. USD.

Wow pokupochka for the country, which actually declared an economic boycott. But apparently, ... USD. And it is not for the future. It is said that the crew were trained in Germany, during test flights at the gym twice entered the car at the peak. Perhaps in this lies the secret of: crafty Americans Belarusians and money supercar stripped, and hope that this very machine Lukashenko and ruin.

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